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ilona analytics

ilona analytics detects and responds to critical events in real time. No longer must businesses wait for batch processes to analyse what has already occurred, they can react instantaneously.

ilona analytics combines our many years of experience of high transaction rate distributed systems with traditional relational and Hadoop big data tools to deliver enterprise scale analytics with extraordinary performance.

Applications range from detecting financial crime, through reacting to social media activity, to monitoring medical devices to forestall patient crises.

ilona analytics uses inference rules to analyse events as they arrive. A rule evaluates evidence from the event and optionally, supporting evidence from application services. An application service can be a preexisting business service, as simple as a query against a data store or as complex as a neural network analysis.

ilona analytics supports a wide range of data binding components to integrate with external systems. These are used to receive events for analysis, invoke application services and send alerts. Alerts are generated each time a rule is triggered. Each alert contains the event, the rule and the evidence. Alerts are delivered to a downstream system for handling, usually a workflow system.

Real time performance is achieved by scheduling analyses in real time, near real time and batch analysis environments. Near real time analyses provide subsequent real time analyses with evidence just in time to proceed without delay. Batch processing supports less time sensitive activities such as refreshing reference data and periodic reporting.

Let's talk! Explore with us how ilona analytics can apply the power of real time analytics to enhance your business.